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Q: I have registered as a member in the store of Green Eastern World. How can I become an online member?
A: If you do not fill in the email address or fill in the unclear details when you register your membership, you will not be able to automatically become a member of Green Eastern World. The following steps are required to successfully register:
Please click on "MESSAGE" at the top right of the Green Eastern World website, enter your email, indicate "I want to verify membership" in the "Message" column and provide the phone number or name of your registered member for verification. Then press the "Send" button. After we verify the membership, we will send an email notification to change the online password within 24 hours. After updating your password, you will become an online member of Green Eastern World.

Q: I am a member of Green Eastern Online Shop, but there is no 5% membership discount when I check out?
A: Please confirm that you are logged in as a member when you are shopping. In addition, if there are other exclusive hot offers for the member,  there is no longer a 5% membership discount.

Q: I encounter the following message (see the pink part in screenshot) in Check Out page, how can I proceed further?

A: This is because the Shipping Destination you choose is outside Hong Kong, and the product you selected does not provide overseas delivery service. Please remove this product from the shopping cart. Tips: You can check whether the selected product provides overseas delivery by clicking on the "Delivery Options" drop-down box in the product page (see the screenshot below):